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Emma O'Reilly Motion

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A unique talent on the rise. An Irish native from Galway. Emma O’Reilly has a refreshing sound that blends the worlds of classical music and alternative pop rock. Emma has garnered radio airplay and rave reviews for her work, and has toured extensively around Ireland, UK, Canada, USA and Lithuania.

Emma O'Reilly Fractures Album
Emma O'Reilly Fractures Album

Nominated ‘Best Female’

A captivating E.P…a refreshing change to the mundane pop that is pumped into the music charts these days. There is so much emotion [in] Emma’s songs; In ‘Cervantes’, Emma O’Reilly’s voice is… haunting, and genuinely gave me the chills whilst listening to it.

— Crazy Stupid Music

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Pabradė meets Theatre for Children "Teatriukas" - €816 raised!

It’s no secret that there is a refugee crisis in Europe – a crisis in how we treat and care for people who have had to flee their homes. Lithuania is no exception; many refugees have found themselves in the forests on the Lithuanian border with Belarus with no language to apply for asylum, or to advocate for themselves Caught up in the middle of this are children who have spent many months (at least!) of their childhoods in fear of their lives and basic security. While the folks at Pabradė are providing food, clothing, shelter and hygiene facilities for these young people, they are actively seeking more support for their emotional wellbeing.

On 20th November, we teamed up with Theatre for Children “Teatriukas” and Pabradė to do two things: raise money to help fund regular drama, music and storytelling workshops for these kids, and a book drive to help Pabradė build up a little library of books that they can use. This fundraiser was a great success; our stream on Twitch raised €816 to support these workshops, and new books arriving to the Teatriukas team for safe delivery to Pabradė! 

If you still want to contribute a book to the library at Pabradė, please reach out to me on the Contact page for more information. 

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